What is required to be a foster?
  • The first step: fill out the foster application found on this page
  • Be sure to complete all fields that apply to you and your household
  • When the application is received, the team will verify vet information and call references
  • If everything checks out, the foster coordinator will contact you for a phone interview
  • And lastly, someone will visit your house for a home check
  • Once you pass all these steps, we will begin pairing you with a foster kitty
Why should I foster?

We need foster parents to love and care for the animals rescued from other shelters, or by volunteers in the community until they are adopted. Each additional foster volunteer allows Kitty Kat Haven and Rescue to save one more cat for a loving forever home.

What is a foster family responsible for?

Aside from regular day-to-day care (feeding and play time), the responsibilities of a foster home may include:

What does KKH&R provide?

The Haven provides medications and bedding, if needed

Do I need to attend adoption events?

If you are available to help at one of our Petco adoption events, do join us. It allows you to help find the perfect home by telling interested adopters all about your foster. Adoption events are the most successful way to introduce your foster to the largest number of people.

What if my cat is not adopted at the event?

It depends on the cat or kitten. Some are fine being in the enclosures at Petco and will get better exposure staying there. Some are not keen on the enclosure, especially adult cats. If they are not doing well in the enclosure, then they can either go to Kitty Kat Haven and Rescue, or you can take them home until the next weekend adoption event.

What if my foster hasn’t been adopted when I need to be out of town?

It would be helpful if you could provide two weeks’ notice if you are planning on being out of town. Please coordinate with our Foster Coordinator to help find a temporary foster. Our foster families are limited, but we should be able to foster with another family, or bring to the Haven while you are away.

What can we expect from a new foster cat or kitten?

It is important to remember that your foster is coming into a new environment; they may be anxious, excited, or fearful. Lots of patience and love will go a long way in helping your new foster cat or kitten feel at home, and start to build a bond of trust with you. If you have your own cats, you may try keeping the fosters separate from your cats, until they are comfortable with each other. Hissing is to be expected, but if your cat or the foster shows aggression, it is best to keep them separate.

Besides food and litter (and a litter box), what do we need to provide?

Plenty of playtime, snuggling, and love! Administering any necessary medications (if previously discussed and approved), and keeping them clean, safe, and warm.

Who pays for medical care?

All medical care, including spay or neuter are covered by KKHR. If there are medical issues, these are to be discussed with the Foster Coordinator who will be the primary liaison for any needed veterinary care.

How do I know which veterinarians are approved?

The Foster Coordinator will help with determining which veterinarian should be used. You and the FC will decide how the cat will get there. If you are able to drive the cat to the vet, it would be very helpful and expedite the process.

Do I get to help choose my foster pet’s forever family?

We hope so. If we are adopting from your home, or you are bringing the pet to an event, then yes, you will get to interview prospective adopters. In some cases you might, along with FC, deliver your foster pet to an approved adopter to ensure the home environment will be a good fit for your foster pet.

If you have a question that is not found on this page, please e-mail the question to

Most important of all have fun and enjoy the love & snuggles you will receive from your foster kitties!!