Important FAQs about adoption

  1. We DO NOT do same day adoptions without an already approved application. However, we would still love for you to attend an adoption event or visit the Haven or the Gatos & Beans Cat Cafe while you await submission and approval. We will begin working applications on the next business day from when received. As noted above this can take several days as we are an all volunteer organization.
  2. One of the main reasons applications get delayed is inability to reach personal references or if there is incomplete information. Please alert your chosen references that they may be receiving a phone call or text from a Haven volunteer. And please be sure you provide complete information (i.e., first and last names, list all current pets).
  3. Our policy is to not adopt further than a 60 minute drive from our headquarters in Hoover, Al. There are several reasons why we prefer to do local adoptions.
    • First, we are an all-volunteer group and a significant amount of time, effort and money goes into rescuing these cats so we want to make sure they have a safety net if their new home doesn’t work out. We have found that people are happy to drive a long distance to adopt a cat, but they are often not willing to drive that same distance to return a cat. That means we have to drive to get them if the adoption doesn’t work out or the adopter’s family has a change of circumstances and has to return them.
    • Second, sometimes cats get lost accidentally in their new home and it is hardship to help them recover cat long distance. New adopters may not be experienced with cat recovery, trapping and how long it can take and how much effort is required and be prone to giving up more easily. When more local, Haven volunteers are able to pitch in and keep the search going.
    • Third, if new owners have concerns over some unexpected medical issues that arise immediately after adoption we would not have the ability for the cat to easily be seen by one of our partner vets.

We take finding forever homes for our cats and kittens very seriously. Many come from difficult and traumatic backgrounds and we do our best to make sure that their new home will love and care for them as much as we do. We appreciate your understanding of our process and the time it takes to receive approval.